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Programs for

Because Now

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What Is Our School?

What if… you said a kind word that made a difference in someone’s life today?
What if… you created a product that fulfilled a need while providing ease-of-use?

Success4Life After-School is part of the “What If Club.” We expand on the tools and resources already ingrained in our students, and magnify these skills by coaching and creating a pathway to hone their talents.  Sometimes the path to finding each one’s passion is fast and simple, other times it’s slow and complex. Success4Life After-School sees the big picture.

While students learn about anime and sign-language, they also learn about self-esteem and managing a check book. Or, while they learn about coding, they also learn how to master public speaking.  We talk about personal safety, we talk about coping skills and we show our students how and when to maximize both.

We have guest speakers, leaders in their field, mentor our future leaders and entrepreneurs.  We’re our student’s power team, we’re excited about it and it shows!


Thanks to the generosity of QuestionPro and its Survey Software, we are able to track new and exciting data for our stakeholders. QuestionPro’s advanced features allow us to collect responses and distribute vital information to participants.